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International delivery service CDEK FORWARD
CDEK Forward is the delivery service from foreign online stores. If you have long to buy high-quality branded goods but do not want to overpay then our service is perfect for you.

Ovsep Osipyan
Deputy head
CDEK Forward USA

If you want to organize a grand shopping, we will consolidate your orders in one box to reduce delivery costs. This process is called “Forwarding”.
The process of ordering and delivery of your products is quite easy. You need to sign up on our website, since you will get a shipping address in chosen country and will be able to ship goods from foreign stores. We will receive your products and forward it to your country.
Who benefits from forwarding?

Those who want to buy
global brands but do not want to overpay for these goods in their own country.
Online-stores, personal buyers, stylists and all who are selling goods from abroad
Most popular goods for ordering all over the world
How does it works
Get your own shipping address to ship your foreign orders
1. Sign up
Order goods from online stores of North America, Europe and Asia and ship it to your new shipping address
2. Go shopping
As soon as we get your parcels on our stock you can consolidate it in one box, or you can ship it to your friend or right to your customers
3. Consolidate
Your parcel will be delivered to you personally or in CDEK pick-up point
4. Pick up
We deliver worldwide
United Kingdom
Saudi Arabia
What services are included in forwarding?
Personal address
Fill in the address of our stock
as a shipping address in any
online store and we will receive
your orders in a chosen country.

For free
Usually it is more profitable to send some orders in one parcel then to send it separately

For free
Return of the goods
If we receive a damaged or wrong product, we will help you to return it into the store. Even if you have already received it.

from 5$
Parcel storage
If you will store your parcels on our stock for some time, you will be able to receive more orders and consolidate all of them in one box 

45 days - For free
Why is it convenient?
Delivery terms
average 7+ days from all of our countries of presence
The most popular countries are available for shopping right now
Our own stocks and logistics from the receiving moment to handing over the parcel
Consolidation of some orders in one parcel
We are well known global brand trusted for over 20 years.
Get your own shipping address abroad right now!
Choose products from USA, European and Asian online stores. Arrange delivery to your address in the chosen country.
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